Chantel Clopine

Chantel handles much of our Spanish translation, accurately and efficiently.

Iván Medina

With law degrees from Mexico and the U.S., Iván is our specialist for legal translation into Spanish.

Austin Certified Translation is a small, local, family-owned business that relies on a network of specialized, contract translators for projects in different industries. Our motto is "Accuracy Guaranteed" because we put great attention into the details, making sure that the message you're trying to communicate is precisely what the reader or listener will understand.

Sometimes this is trickier than just a linguistic transfer of meaning, because underlying assumptions in the target language culture might leave people bewildered. We think both "forest" and "trees." A recent example was the campaign to translate videos for Please Be Kind to Cyclists (a TxDOT bicycle safety awareness project) into Spanish. The slogan "Drive Kind Ride Kind" doesn't work in Spanish as a direct translation, because "kind" and "ride" don't have clear equivalents. The Spanish slogan is now "Conductor Amable Ciclista Amable," (Nice Driver Nice Cyclist) turning the grammar of the original on its head to to best capture the feel of the message.

Alejandra Castro

Alejandra is a bilingual transcription specialist that processes most of our forensic recordings.

Guillermo Mejia-Moreno

Guillermo brings a wealth of commercial and legal experience to his complex translation projects.

Carlos Candanosa

Carlos has extensive background in journalism and translation of materials for Texas education.

Marco Hanson

With more than 18 years of experience, Marco primarily focuses on legal translation and court interpreting.


Lara Cantos de Sánchez

Lara is a multi-talented translator, magazine editor and journalist in German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Michael Meigs

Michael is a former diplomat with four master's degrees who translates Swedish, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Our Talented Team

Professional Translation in Austin

Margaret Hanson

Margaret comes from a bilingual education background, and is an editor and project manager.

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