Are you a freelance interpreter who would like to be added to our referral database?

InterpreTexas: a free interpreter referral service

Interpreters are highly-trained linguists who deliver content in real time to speakers of a second language. They work in multiple scenarios:

  • a single interpreter or a team
  • on-site interpreters or remote interpreters who appear by phone and videoconferencing
  • spoken or sign languages
  • simultaneous, consecutive or sight
  • spoken interpretation provided directly from the interpreter to the listener, or through wireless audio equipment

Please fill out the request form below so we can get back to you with suggestions on the best setup for your meeting, conference, hearing, deposition or other event. For most languages and assignments, we will not handle the assignment ourselves, but will help you locate qualified interpreters through our professional networks. Those interpreters will then finalize the details, provide the service and bill directly. There is no cost for this assistance to either the client or the interpreter.