• Adoption Papers
  • Affidavits
  • Bank Statements
  • Birth Certificates
  • Court Orders
  • Death Certificates
  • Deeds
  • Diplomas
  • Divorce Decrees
  • Drivers Licenses
  • Financial Records
  • High School and College Transcripts
  • Letters of Recommendation         
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Medical Records
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Property Titles
  • Report Cards
  • Vehicle Titles
  • Visa Applications
  • Wills
  • etc.

We are not the cheapest translation service, but our certified translations of official documents are guaranteed to be accepted for immigration, residency, lawsuits, criminal cases, university admissions, employment, passports, professional credential boards, USCIS, DMV, DPS, etc.

What sets us apart is our physical office where you can come in and speak to a translator face-to-face; our personal service by phone, chat or email from an actual translator (not a call center); the ability to pay in cash, check, or credit card, online or over the phone; and the wealth of professional and academic experience of our degreed translators that comes from having successfully prepared thousands of certified translations.

Many end users will require a translation certified by the translator; others require that this translator be certified by the American Translators Association, or that the translator sign the certification before a Notary Public, or that the certified, notarized translation be authenticated or apostilled by the Secretary of State. We carefully evaluate your needs to be sure that you get exactly the type of document translation you need, especially in complex, international transactions involving a variety of documents and multiple legalization steps.

Turnaround time depends on our current workload. The quickest and most accurate way to place your order is online: 

Standard Fees

  • minimum order
  • small page (under 150 words)
  • regular page (150 - 350 words)
  • large page (over 350 words)
  • PDF copy by email
  • hard copy (by mail or office pickup)
  • notarized hard copy
  • apostille/authentication courier service (includes notarized hard copy and Secretary of State fee)

* Rates are $10 lower per page for Spanish, due to volume

Joel says: "I contacted Austin Certified for a document translation into Spanish.  The service was prompt, the price was more than fair, and the receiving Mexican party mentioned the that the Spanish was 'perfecto'."

We translated an affidavit for Ashley's passport application

Sample large pages (most detailed transcripts, death certificates, court orders, divorce decrees, etc.)

Sample regular pages (most birth and marriage certificates, short transcripts, bank statements, etc.)

We translated Paul's birth certificate into Spanish so he could get married in Mexico

Trudi says:  "What an amazing experience. If you want someone who knows what they are doing and can get it done in record time. This is your person. Cut a long story short there were a lot of components we were dealing with. We had been to several places who had given us the wrong advice or were not able to help, even the consulate advice was different. These guys did all the research and did everything properly. There were no problems at all at the other end. I would recommend them very highly." 

Luke says: "I used Marco at Austin Certified to translate my birth certificate & my fiance's birth certificate from English to Spanish for our upcoming wedding in Mexico. I am VERY glad that I finally found his service!!! I had been getting quotes from a bunch of different places and they were either astronomically priced ($550 quote) or the less expensive services ($25-$35 for translations) were ridiculous to deal with, to the point where I hung up on two of them, because of the lack of customer service & knowledge! Marco knew exactly what was needed for my documents to be considered legal in both the U.S. & Mexico, so that they could be used for a "legally binding" wedding in Mexico for both countries! He was able to translate, certify & GET MY DOCS NOTARIZED, so that I could bring them to The Secretary of States' Office to have them apostilled. Although his price was higher than the very cheap places, it was still reasonable & the GREAT SERVICE & just the knowledge to answer some of my questions alone were worth it! I highly recommend his services."

We translated Yoseline's college transcripts into English for a university application

We translated Francia's high school records for Austin Community College, and now she's a nurse

Sample small pages (each side of a drivers license, each side of a passport page, short forms, etc.):

Accept Credit Cards


"Great service! Easy and fast! Asked for a translation of a driver's license and they were fully aware of all the regulations unlike other offices I called! Highly recommend it!" -- Marlene M.

"La universidad me pedía el título universitario en inglés y acudí a esta empresa para la traducción oficial. Me enviaron la traducción tanto en pdf al e-mail como en papel impreso al correo. El trato fue muy profesional, rápido y efectivo y el precio adecuado. Si vuelvo a tener que traducir algún título, no tengo dudas de que volveré a contar con ellos." -- José Luis V.

"I needed a translation of a U.S. court document to take to another country.   The service was prompt and professional.   I explained the purpose of the translation and was offered advise on notary services.  This is great because the country I am travelling to loves multiple forms of validation.  I wouldn't even had thought of it.     Definitely recommend Austin Certified Translation to anyone in need of translation services." -- Byron F.

"Great service, speed, and accuracy. My daughter's visa was approved immediately thanks in part to the accurate translation of her birth certificate. I highly recommend this family owned business to anyone in need of an accurate, official translation." -- Saul V.

"Marco offered me the best price and turnaround time. I was very happy with his translation of my documents for admission to an American college. He gave it to me before the deadline, and the results were flawless. Marco is very familiar with academic vocabulary in both languages, so his translation made sense, and was as coherent in English as in Spanish. What's more, he was respectful and pleasant." -- Georgina A.

"I am highly satisfied with Mr. Hanson's professional translation services. The translations are very reliable and the price is very reasonable." -- Manlio C.

"I have nothing but positive feedback to share about Austin Certified Translation. Marco responded to my quote via email within an hour, and both Marco and Margaret were attentive and professional throughout the process and completed my translations in a timely manner. I will absolutely use their services again should I need another official translation." -- Katie G.

"Marco and the staff of Austin Certified Translations are AMAZING! Professional, accurate, cost effective and provide their services in a very reasonable amount of time - I can't recommend them enough!" -- Susan W.

"We are a growing restaurant group in Austin and have used Austin Certified Translation for the last few years. They are AWESOME! Prompt, efficient and such a breeze to work with. They have translated over 20+ documents for us in Spanish.  We would highly recommend them for small or large projects." -- Lindsey L.

"I have recently worked with Austin Certified in a translation and was very impressed with their service. The office manager was helpful and polite while the translation itself was top notch. I would recommend Austin Certified Translations without reservation." -- Joseph L.

"As a colleague, I give Austin Certified Translation the highest endorsement. This company puts an emphasis on quality and professionalism. The people who work for Austin Certified Translation are skilled and resourceful. Each translation goes through a series of thorough reviews that ensure a final product that is accurate and of the highest quality." -- Monika S.